Friday, April 24, 2009


I found out about these guys a few months ago and was really impressed with what i heard. Schizofonics are Shortie & M, two Dublin-based DJs/Producers bound together by the love of all things BASS!!!
DJing together for over 10 years, the lads put their heads together in 2008 and began to make some tunes. It was the success of their first remix, Mustard Pimp’s ‘Zombie’s Revenge’ that inspired them to keep the remixes coming and also to try their hand at some original production. (Schizofonics’ remix is featured on the official release of Zombie’s Revenge)
Their production style is as diverse as their DJ sets, taking inspiration from Electropop to Global Bass and everything in between. This eclectic sound is most evident on ‘Break Free’ their first original production. Half chord based vocal track and half murky bassline banger it’s a tune that’s as at home in the club as it is on your iPod.

Check out this new track they just sent over....

Schizofonics - aa247

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