Tuesday, January 6, 2009


9.9.09 the anticipated release date of the new Daft Punk album. This is all speculation at this point but lets keep are fingers crossed and pray!!!

"The three prior albums were released four years apart and all in the month of March: Homework - March 25th 1997, Discovery - March 13rd 2001 and Human after all - March 14th 2005. If the fourth album follows this pattern, then it may be expected to be released in March of 2009.

However, some speculated a September 9th 2009 release as it would have fit with Daft Punk's regular use of the number (as in the song: Revolution 909. They have also claimed to be turned into Robots by the 909 virus)."

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Joshuah said...

I'm still hoping for a kickass new album on 9.9.09, but I think DP's progress on the album may have been slowed due to their involvement in Tron Legacy. Both releases will be epic.