Monday, September 22, 2008


So after this weekend I decided that I have a new favorite underground DJ. He goes by the name of Beats. I saw him this weekend over at Debonair in Wicker Park. I went there to see DJ Mehdi because I am overly obsessed with Ed Banger Records and ended up hanging downstairs most of the night listening to Beats and some other dj's ( who i have ended up forgetting names of ). Awesome Awesome set he put on. I have seen from his blog that he mostly does house parties and such so i was actually kind of excited to see him live for the first time. He probably has one of the best Chicago based electro blogs out there. Check him out here:

Beats - Hot Biscuits

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hotbiscuits said...

Thanks for the kind words! It was a great night for me too. Local Hero, the dj i opened for, wasnt feeling well so i got to open and close.

Thanks again!